Copyright Waterview-Rooms 2010 Our Restaurant is noted for our schnitzels and homemade spätzle. We invite our guests to sample one ( or more ) of our homemade desserts from apple strudel to apricot filled crepes smothered in chocolate sauce The perfect finish to a meal is a cup of Viennese coffee. Gerhard and Gabriela support local small businesses by purchasing their meats from nearby purveyors, and in purchasing wines from the Jost Vineyard in Malagash, Nova Scotia, which is a pleasant drive away. The blending of Austrian and Canadian cultures provides a unique offering and an opportunity for Gabriela to display her love and skill in preparing food. Guests are promised a rewarding visit, pleasing to the senses, delectable to the palate and satisfying to the spirit. Gerhard and Gabriela bid you welcome and look forward to serving you at our Cafe Europe Restaurant